Emma’s Story: The human face of underinsurance

Australia’s under-insurance problem is well-reported and widely discussed. And while the gap appears to be closing, the bottom line is that, Australians are still alarmingly underinsured across all four forms of life insurance (death, trauma, disability and income replacement).

Of course, no one likes to think that the worse could happen to them. It’s much easier to push the idea to back of mind and spend money on much more exciting, tangible things. However, as the following video testimonial from former Zurich employee Emma Bright reveals, you cannot put a price value of good life insurance advice.

Just a short time ago, Emma had the world at her feet. A new house, loving husband, young son and what she thought was enough life insurance to protect them all. What Emma didn’t anticipate however, was that by bypassing a professional adviser and choosing to top up their life insurance herself, Emma was under-insuring her family by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Tragically, the worst did happen. Shortly after their son was born, Emma’s husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. If she had seen a financial adviser about the right level of cover she needed, Emma’s life would be very different today. Instead of worrying about how she was going to put food on the table, and keep the electricity on, Emma would have been able to move forward – as much as one can – from a terrible tragedy. She wouldn’t have the overwhelming pressure to return to work at a time when, in reality she is not ready to.

These are everyday responsibilities that do not disappear just because we have experienced a loss – something that Emma now knows all too well. It means she is now reliant on the small benefits from Centrelink to keep her family on its feet.

Told in raw emotional terms, this video is a must-see.

Note:  Roxburgh Securities does not charge large up-front advice fees.  All initial consultations are at no cost.

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